My wife and I brought the dogs and the Home Theater RV Project to Las Vegas for CES 2019!

I’ll be giving a few demos for CES participants, which will be pretty informal. I’ll play a few movie scenes, and some music if there isn’t a line forming behind you.

Not many people would put a legitimate 6.2.2 Atmos/DTS:X immersive audio system with dual subwoofers in an RV, but generally speaking, I think I might have pulled it off.

SVS PB-3000’s, which were calibrated with room correction on site in Vegas. We barely made it! Click the picture for more details on the PB-3000’s from SVS.

This is an “exploratory” event, to gauge interest, and figure out the best way to do demos like this. Please don’t expect perfection, the RV is nearly 20 years old and I’m really winging it at my first time at CES, but do expect some pretty stout, yet comfortable lower frequencies.

We are at the Circus Circus RV park on the Strip in Las Vegas, which is about a mile away from the Venetian.

Circus Circus was kind enough to let me do this, and hopefully we will be welcomed back. They know I will have visitors, and that I will be making a little noise. I let my neighbors know as well.

Circus Circus asks that you park in the “Skyrise” parking garage next to the park.

**Please do not park in empty RV spaces.**

Demo hours: 1-6 pm

**No Demos on Tuesday the 8th**
Wednesday the 9th, 1-6 PM
Thursday the 10th, 1-6 PM
Friday the 11th, 1-6 PM

I have Fibromyalgia, so I have limited energy, and I get “brain fried” (Fibro-fog) pretty easily, but I’m excited to share my project.

**I ask that my wife and I NOT BE ON CAMERA, and no identifying info (like licence plates, etc…) be published.**

I’m justifiably concerned about safety. Traveling with expensive gear presents a very real safety risk. As a YouTube Creator, I’ve always been extra cautious about my privacy, and now that concern is amplified.

Photos/video of the RV, the setup inside, and the dogs are absolutely fair game. You can record and publish audio and video if you’re comfortable with the copyright issues of the demo material.

If you are allergic to dogs, you might want to pass. With a 160 pound Newfoundland (Bear), and a white 135 pound Tibetan Mastiff (Angel), dog allergies would be pretty unavoidable! They will mostly greet people and hang out outside.

Two woofers are better!
Google Maps:

If you’re leaving the Venetian, you can use Google Maps to navigate to “Circus Circus RV Park”. Just navigating to “Circus Circus” is a losing game, it’s a hot mess, and NOT easy to find!

Adding the “RV PARK” to Circus Circus makes a WORLD of difference. Tough lesson to learn in a 40 foot RV on a rainy Saturday night in Las Vegas!

Alternatively, here are some written directions with maps, taking you a simpler, less confusing way:

From the Venetian: Head north on S Las Vegas Blvd
(towards Stratosphere/Freemont Street/Downtown.)

About a mile from the Venetian, you will see Circus Circus on the left.


Turn LEFT onto “Circus Circus Dr”, which is right after Elvis Presley BLVD.

Drive all the way to the end of the road, past Circus Circus itself, and turn right onto “S Sammy Davis Jr Drive”.
(You “might” see the RV park sign on Circus Circus Dr, but **ignore it** and just go to Sammy Davis. Easier.)

After you turn right on S Sammy Davis Jr. Drive, the very next right will be the “RV PARK” and tour bus entrance.
Enter there, and then stay left.

Drive past the Employee Parking garage.

You will see the RV park, and we are parked right up front near the RV registration, space #10. The “Skyrise” parking garage is next to the tour buses. Circus Circus has asked that you park in the Skyrise garage, and walk over to the RV. Lock your car.

There is a faster way, but it’s not well marked and very confusing.
Park in the Skyrise Parking Garage and walk over. Lock your car. (Ignore the blue dot.)
CES Las Vegas at Circus Circus RV Park, 2019. We are the first RV in frame on the right, a Rexhall “Rose Air”, space 10.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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