In my strong opinion, a subwoofer should be audible and authoritative down to 20 hertz, and have a relatively flat frequency response while doing it. Not just make noise, but be heard clearly and powerfully. Simple enough, right?

Most commonly available ported subwoofers sold in stores do not have the ability to produce quality sound below 25-35 hertz. There is a “secret world of bass” where you can get subs that go down to 20 hertz with authority and clarity, and it’s fairly affordable, all things considered. You can spend over $5,000 on a sub that won’t reach 20 hertz. Why pay that much or more for something “incomplete”? I tend to gravitate to subwoofers that are more value based, and I list subwoofers that I would consider buying myself here: Best Subwoofers “The List”

Subwoofer 101 Mascots
Subwoofer 101 Mascots

Even a lot of high end professional ported subs used at theaters and concerts are only rated for 40 hertz, so what are you missing? The “WOW” feeling we all hope for. You won’t know it until you’ve heard it. The visceral feeling I get at home is more substantial than most movie theaters. That’s an insane statement, and it’s a LOT of fun!

Theaters may have more loudness, but for the home you can have more controlled deep bass with fewer bleeding eardrums, while still being able to go louder than I am personally comfortable with. I prefer sound quality over maximum volume. Some Imax theaters produce comfortably down to 23 hertz according to the video below. The most economical subwoofer I recommend is measurably comfortable at around 21 hertz, and clearly audible at 19 hertz. Amazing for a 10 inch driver, and absolutely uncommon.

It’s important to understand that frequency response numbers are commonly misleading, and a sub accurately rated for 19 hertz can trample all over a sub “factory rated” for 16 hertz. Confused? I was too, and seriously frustrated! I’ll try to simplify as much as I can. I’ll try give you the basics, show you some specific examples of quality subwoofers, and you can take it from there.

My goal is to help save my audience some time, money, and frustration. I don’t mean to make anyone feel bad about their current subwoofer, just bring your attention to what is available for when you do decide to upgrade. Spending good money on audio and getting that unsatisfied feeling is no fun. There are a lot of good brands out there, but the really great subwoofers are known to very few, or they are crazy expensive. I don’t focus on the crazy expensive, I’m more value conscious.

Have a look around, the subwoofer is not as simple as some might believe, and just because a brand is well known does not mean everything they offer is top notch. There are a handful of brands that produce excellence, and they will be discussed quite a bit.

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9 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi, need help on purchasing a subwoofer, which brand is good wharfedale d10 subwoofer or emotiva basx10 subwoofer. Thanks

  2. Honestly, I think an SVS PB-1000 would be the better sub. It would go deeper than those subs, giving a better overall experience. Both of those brands are respectable and make good products, but like most other brands out there, the SVS subs just goes deeper.

  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by, however my room measures just 14×9 ft and my budget is tight too. So kindly suggest me a good subwoofer, I am stuck between wharfedale d10 subwoofer and emotiva basx10 subwoofer. So kindly suggest best of these sub or any other brand which you personally know better than these two. I appreciate your help. Thanks

  4. I wish I could point you towards something I could recommend, but honestly I’d just be guessing. Most subs are just too shallow, so I don’t focus on them, nor do I recommend them. I’m sorry if that’s frustrating, but I don’t want to suggest something if I’m just going to be guessing. If I wouldn’t buy a sub myself, I wouldn’t suggest someone else buy it either. Sadly, proper bass is not cheap, but once you hear it going backwards is really hard.

    As far as room size, I packed dual PB-16 Ultras into a 11×11 foot room, and aside from looking silly, the sound was better than I expected. Room size is mainly a limitation as you go up in size. In smaller rooms it’s about what you can physically fit. So long as you run duals you can run monsters if you want. You’ll have challenges in a smaller room regardless, but having a lower powered sub won’t necessarily sound better than a high powered one.


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